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Eccentric Exhibits is a company led by Nathan C. Lalonde that practices the production of strange, yet compelling imagery. The works displayed on this website are primarily photographic, yet they display a variety of different looks and processes: warping, photomerges, collages, analog/digital processing, bizarre lighting effects, and other strange ways of creating new pictures. Most of the works aim towards two goals: the creation of a compelling story in a single frame (the "gut" feeling), and the examination of new technical methods for creating imagery (the "logical" aftermath). Such imagery contains a large number of crafted characters, scenarios, and narratives to drive the audience further into the imagery.



Nathan C. Lalonde is a photographic artist located in Toronto who carries a BFA from the Photography program at Ryerson University. In addition to the artistic photographic works displayed on this page, he also has extensive experience in video, audio, and animation productions, as well as more traditional photographic commissions and design work. To see specific samples of such work, please send a message to one of the methods provided in the “Contact” section.



For print sales, exhibition questions, work opportunities, or general inquiries, please email us at